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Glenn Flanagan:
"Nick is an exceptional teacher. In just a few months I went from fumbling around in the dark, playing the same old things over and over, to being able to understand what I play and able to put together my own riffs and songs. Nick didn't just teach me to play the guitar, but gave me the understanding of what it is that I am playing."

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Nick Tschernez
Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Brisbane, Qld, Australia
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Guitar Tuition & Lessons in Brisbane
Learn From a Qualified Teacher

Don't You Wish You Could Play Guitar?

Do you want to learn to play guitar but are unsure how to get started?

Or are you a parent, looking for a safe environment for your child to take guitar lessons in Brisbane?

Maybe you have played for a while already and are frustrated with your lack of progress?

Do you feel like you just need a nudge in the right direction?

Don't worry, you are not alone. For a long time I struggled with all the typical difficulties associated with the trial and error approach. Eventually, I realised that I needed to take guitar lessons from a great teacher to help me develop my own style and play the way I want to play.

Most guitarists struggle to improve or, sadly, quit altogether, because they fail to get the help they know they need. Maybe it gives them some weird sense of satisfaction to think of themselves as self taught even though they know they'll never reach their dreams that way. Maybe they don't have any dreams. Maybe they have some dreams but aren't committed enough to them to invest the time and energy to work toward them.

The fact that you are reading this tells us that you are not one of those people. You know that you could struggle along, picking up what you can from books and magazines, friends and the Internet, or you could choose to get results many times faster by taking guitar lessons in Brisbane from a professional teacher who can help you reach YOUR goals much more efficiently than you could on your own.

If you are looking for the best Brisbane guitar lessons and you are really serious about getting the most out of your guitar lessons and experiencing an awesome musical adventure, then stop wishing and do something about it. Click on the button below to start your journey now.

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Still not convinced?

Well, I've been to many teachers to find the best guitar lessons in Brisbane and I am at least aware of most of the others. I can confidently assure you that none of them can offer lessons as engaging or effective as enjoyed by my students. If they did, I would, without question, be enrolled in their course and learning from them. Here are ten reasons you should invest in lessons with me:

1. Value: Learning with me, you will get so much more than any book, magazine, DVD or Internet video can offer. You could spend thousands of dollars on “virtual” online guitar lessons and not receive a fraction of the result that you can with a real guitar teacher.

2. Motivation: Taking lessons helps keep you motivated to practise and move forward with your playing. As your teacher, I will inspire you to want to reach that next goal, to overcome that next challenge, to experience that next level of achievement.

3. Established Plan: Learn what you need to learn, when you need to learn it! No more fumbling around with unstructured trial and error approaches. Instead, you will receive personalised lessons based on your musical interests, your goals and your current level of ability.

4. Instant Feedback: As your guitar teacher, I can see technical mistakes and help you correct them before they become ingrained in your playing.

5. Live Demonstrations: You can see the correct way to do a technique right there in front of you. Then you can try it and get guidance as you need it.

6. Performance Opportunities: Here you will get regular chances to perform in front of an audience if that interests you. No pressure, of course.

7. Recording Opportunities: You will also have the chance to record your playing from time to time. Not only will you get to measure and evaluate your own progress, but you also get a real product (a CD of your playing) to share with family and friends.

8. Learning Resources: An experienced guitar teacher has a library of musical and learning resources at their disposal. No more scouring the Internet for dodgy TABs or chord charts. I can provide what you need or at least help source it. If you want to learn something specific, don’t hesitate to ask.

9. Support and Encouragement: The most important thing I can do is to help you set goals, identify your strengths and weaknesses and help to keep you moving forward with your playing.

10. Community: The next best thing I can do for you is to create opportunities for you to jam and work with other students so that you can learn with and from each other. This way you can meet other Brisbane locals who have similar goals to you. You might even make some friends, join or form a band, collaborate on projects, etc.

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